Nick Nisi

Nick Nisi

I’m a Software Engineer, coding professionally since 2009 and focused primarily on the front end and JavaScript/TypeScript. I am a big fan of community involvement, and have been involved in local meetups since the start. I have also been involved in the behind the scenes organization of several conferences, and helmed a couple, including TypeScript Conf US and the Nebraska JavaScript conference.

Outside of tech, I am a dad to two amazing kids. I’m also an avid karaoke enthusiast. My go-to songs include Kiss by Prince and How am I Supposed to Live Without You by Michael Bolton. I am also an ordained Jedi Knight who has presided over nine weddings.

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Nick is an occasional conference speaker and has spoken at conferences all over the world.

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Nick Nisi is a software developer specializing in JavaSript, TypeScript, and the web. He has contributed to multiple open source projects, including dojo, intern, and TypeDoc. He is also a panelist on JS Party and formerly on TalkScript. He is also an organizer and Emcee of the Nebraska JavaScript Conference and TypeScript Conf.